If You’re Anywhere Near French Lick and You Need a Tree Trimmed Or Cut, There’s Only One Place to Call: French Lick Tree Care

 Nicolette Sokol called me last week and she told me that she had some very important news to give me.

She insisted that I had to get the word out to all the members of the Russian Women Club of South Central Indiana that if they ever needed a tree trimmed or cut on their property, they absolutely had to call French Lick Tree Care.

The telephone number of French Lick Tree Care is 812-558-9224, their URL is www.frenchlicktreeservices.com, and Nicolette says that they will do a job for you that you won’t be able to believe.

Nicolette has had trouble with trees for a long time now. She has several very large magnolias on her property, several eastern red cedars, as well as maple trees, beech trees and oaks.

A number of her trees have become diseased over the years, some infested with parasites, and one tree collapsed onto her roof.



As a result, Nicolette has had a great many dealings with tree care companies, and just about none of them, she reports, have been satisfactory.

Some of the tree care services, she said, were unable to properly diagnose the various problems she had with her trees, and some of the services trimmed her trees improperly, causing them to become stunted in their growth.

The latest problem was two of her magnolias, which had a great need to be trimmed. But who should she call to do it? That was the question. That’s because the last tree service to trim one of her trees totally botched the job, and so did the one before that.

But just as she was wrestling with this quandary, she told me, someone knocked on her door. He was from the French Lick Tree Services, he said, which serves French Lick, Paoli, West Baden, Orleans, and all surrounding areas.

The man seemed very precise and professional, he gave her a very reasonable estimate, and so she gave him the job, crossing her fingers and hoping that he would do better than the other tree companies she has dealt with in recent years.

And as a matter of fact he did; the man from French Lick Tree Services did a much better job than any of the other tree companies Nicolette has used. And she’s so pleased that she wants the whole Club to know.

And…so now you know.

And don’t forget: there will be a Club meeting in Bloomington next Wednesday night at 7 p.m.!

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